Posted by: ellefersan | April 23, 2013

LDU retaliates to Lebanon’s creativity brain drain

Believing in Lebanon’s youth potential, and in support of its creative industry, Lebanon Development Union (LDU), in collaboration with the Youth and Culture Center (YCC) – Zouk Mikael organized a series of capacity building workshops for young talents and artists on interaction with the media, self branding and social media. This Anna Lindh Foundation funded program regrouped 30 young participants from throughout Lebanon on April 13, 20 and 21 and was supported by website.


LDU president Eliane Fersan stated “the need to invest in the creative industries is becoming imminent, for our youth are resorting to emigration or complete shift in their career path to other sectors because they do not find support and encouragement”. She noted that there are neither financial facilities nor the basic pillars for the creative sector such as a fast Internet service or governmental support, which is leading to brain drain in the Lebanese creative industry at the benefit of the Gulf countries, Europe and the United States.


On her side, LDU Secretary General Crystel El Chayeb highlighted the importance of the productivity of the Lebanese creative sector: “until we start investing in our newly discovered petroleum wealth, creative industry consists Lebanon’s primary capital”, she said. “LDU’s efforts in bolstering human development should be matched by governmental and academic interest while universities share a part of the blame for not preparing the youth to properly and professionally integrate in the artistic and creative sectors. Subsequently, students lack the sense of initiative and social entrepreneurship and henceforth remain at the mercy of the big companies that abuse and exploit their potential for very little return”, she added.

LDU is currently preparing to collaborate with several Lebanese University branches to bring its expertise right into the classes and stands ready to cooperate with and support individuals and institutions that care for youth development.




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